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Aerobic Systems

American Heritage Septic is a proud dealer of the Clearstream Wastewaerobic1.jpgater Treatment  Systems. 

 The Clearstream Wastewater Treatment System is a highly efficient "extended aeration" sewage treatment plant. This system, through aeration and clarification, provides a proper environment for aerobic bacteria and other micro-organisms that convert the incoming sewage into clear, odorless, and organically stable water. Test results taken from actual in-service applications of Clearstream Systems average consistently below the United States Environmental Protection Agency requirements for direct discharge of treated effluent.




 Five Advantages to Aerobic Septic Systems

Most septic systems use anaerobic bacteria to help break down and filter solids and wastewater. An aerobic septic system has a few advantages when compared to one that use anaerobic bacteria. Some of these advantages include speed, wastewater, and size of the leaching field. This article will discuss some of the advantages of an aerobic septic system.

Leaching Field

One of the first advantages of an aerobic septic system is the size of the required leaching field. This type of system can be used effectively with a small drainage field than conventional systems. The smaller field will dramatically reduce the amount of space required for the system. This is useful in lots where it is unacceptable to have a large leaching field.


One of the next advantages of an aerobic septic system is the effluent. The effluent is the wastewater that is processed and then returned to the environment. An aerobic septic system is capable of producing cleaner effluent than other systems. This is very helpful when you need to use a septic system in locations with a fragile environment, such as those with high water tables.


Another advantage of an aerobic septic system is the speed. The bacteria used in this system will break down waste faster than anaerobic bacteria will. Therefore, solids won't build up as fast and you won't have to pump the system as much as you normally would.


You want to prevent as much solid waste from leaving the system as possible. An aerobic septic system will break down a larger amount of solids before they leave the system. Therefore, less solids will be able to reach the drainage field or the environment.


One of the final advantages of an aerobic septic system is that it can be used to repair traditional systems. If you have a traditional system that is failed, this system can be installed in its place. The wastewater produced by an aerobic septic system may be able to clean the failing leach field as it travels through the system. This will save you the expense of digging up the whole field to have it replaced.