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American Heritage Septic of Oklahoma is a family-owned and operated business with a strong emphasis in customer service.  Having been in operation since 2005, we realize that the phenomenal growth we have experienced each year is due entirely to our customers.

Customer satisfaction and word of mouth has enabled us to expand our services throughout Oklahoma.  Although we have had request to expand further into neighboring states, our home and our loyalty remains in Oklahoma.  Working with people to help bring their dream of a good home to fruition has been tremendously satisfying to owner Robert O'Hop and our entire staff. 

While working for another contractor, Robert saw a need for quality work in this field with competitive pricing.  He further realized that many smaller towns in our state had difficulty obtaining high-caliber services and that there was a growing need for a company that would work places other than metropolitan areas.  He opened up American Heritage Septic in order to fill these needs.

Our Services include installation and repair of Septic systems, Aerobic systems, and quality Storm shelters.


  Serving the great state of Oklahoma

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